Hello, folks

Just a short introduction. I’m hoping to use this part of the website to add some content that will help, writers, authors and other entrepreneurs.

I started Author Assist because as a naive writer who was desperate to get her first novel published and be a best-selling author, handed over money to a ‘Christian’ publisher, who promised me the world. They turned out to be a vanity press. who were selling my book, and keeping all royalties. Taking the money I paid for books to be printed and shipped and never sending the books. Twelve authors took Diggory Press/ Meadow Books also known as Exposure Publishing, to court. We won the case but didn’t receive a penny. They filed bankruptcy whilst in the courts, and then two weeks later were back out there under a different name. I decided I would do my hardest to show authors how to get published the correct way and get those who were trapped in contracts with vanity presses out of them.

And so I started Author Assist. Move on ten years and I had an A la Carte menu of services from VA, to graphics, editing, narrations, book trailers, logo and branding, marketing and promotion and many more. But I was burning the candle at both ends, making sure my clients got what they needed and eventually I burnt out. I had to take a step back, look at the big picture, what I had created, my testimonials, and what I have achieved and come up with another way of doing what I love, helping people, and not hurting myself in the process.

Thus, Author Assist Limited was born.