Our books immediately began to skyrocket towards the top of the Amazon Ranking List, and our company began to be noticed worldwide through other channels.

What We Do

Author Assist is all about helping and teaching new and established authors how to market themselves and their books.

We follow you through every step of the publishing process. Author Assist has a team of experienced, dedicated professionals ready to help you on your journey.

Be Creative!

Looking for a new way to promote your book?

Excerpt narrations allow readers to watch and listen to your book coming alive. 
And with the right excerpt, we can tease them into having to go out and buy your book.

A book trailer can be one of the most powerful promotional tools using the correct images, music, and words. It allows the reader to learn more about your books than just reading words on paper. The film allows your book to come alive.

Do you have ideas for a book but have no idea how to publish it? 
Are you stuck in the middle of your book and can’t move forward?
Do you have questions that need answering?

Then you need a mentor.

Someone who can walk you through the publishing processes.

Someone who can answer all those questions because they have been through it.

Someone you can trust and know you’re in good hands.

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Author Assist will follow you through the whole process. Making sure you give yourself and your book the best chance of success.

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We look forward to helping you on your journey.

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